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Picasso and Malaga

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Hello EZ English and nice to meet you!

Thank you for helping me to improve my English. I’m looking forward to going to Brighton. I’ve seen it many times in pictures and on TV and it looks very nice. I’ve heard that it’s similar to London but with sea.

I have a question for you: Where was Pablo Ruiz Picasso born? Yes, you’re right, in Málaga! And Spanish people are very proud of him.

Picasso was born in the first floor of a building located in a well known square in Málaga, Plaza de la Merced. Here you can see this beautiful building.

Picasso's birthplace

Many people thought he was Catalan, as he left Málaga to live in Barcelona at the age of ten. You can see the influence of his birth town in some of his paintings, like “The Yellow Picador”, “The little Picador”, “Doves” or “Bullfighting”, most of them related with bullfighting, as he used to go very often to “La Malagueta” bullring with his uncle and his father.


As I said, Spanish are very proud of him and they are trying to show to the world that Málaga is not just sun and beach, it’s also art. There’s a very interesting Picasso museum, a native home museum, a Picasso walking tour…

Another famous person from Málaga is the actor Antonio Banderas. He is one of the Spanish actors who have success in Hollywood. He’s very proud of his birthplace too. He comes to Málaga with his family very often and you can see him under his sunglasses and a cap. He comes every Holy Week and he takes part in the processions. He is the officer of a Catholic religious brotherhood and on Holy Thursday night he is a Man of the Throne with his peers at the Submarine of Holy Mary of Hope (Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza). It’s a bit difficult to explain what it is, so you better watch this video. He’s one of those men who carry this very heavy throne:

He does a lot for his town like a charity for helping financially students from Málaga to study abroad, he has invested in Andalusian products, he has shot some films here and he is a supporter of the football team Málaga C.F.

Have a nice day!