Scotland In Brief

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Сегодня для наших читателей — чарующая Шотландия и нескольно любопытных фактов об этом невероятно красивом и интересном месте на Земле. Завтра мы порадуем Вас продолжением этой рубрики

Eilean Donan Castle

Widely considered Scotland’s most photographed site, Eilean Donan Castle perches on an island at the meeting of three lochs in western Scotland. The island’s first castle was an early 13th-century fortification against raiding Vikings.

Lonach Highlanders

The mission of the Lonach Highland & Friendly Society includes preserving Highland dress and promoting «peaceable and manly conduct.» Each summer since 1823, the group has held a «gathering,» a march through the towns around Strathdon in eastern Scotland, culminating in an afternoon of traditional Scottish games.

Edinburgh Castle

Castle Rock, whose vertical flanks rise above the Scottish city of Edinburgh, may have first served as a strategic stronghold around 850 B.C. For the past thousand years it’s been the site of Edinburgh Castle, the thick-walled fortress at the center of nearly every major conflict in Scotland’s history.


Each spring nearly a million puffins arrive at the cliffs of Scotland’s west coast to lay their eggs. These birds, with their colorful beaks and doleful expressions, can be seen darting to and from the ocean, gathering mouthfuls of fish for their hatchlings.

Ceilidh Dance

The Scottish ceilidh (pronounced KAY-lee) began as a gathering where people shared music and told stories. These days, it tends to be more about the dancing. Ceilidhs, like American barn dances, are high-spirited social affairs with group dances and callers who help novices, like this young Scot in the Outer Hebrides’ Castlebay, learn the steps.


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